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1962 – The Year In Review

Some Headlines from 1962

As we get ready for the end of the year, it’s time to look back on 1962. What happened this year? Here’s a brief set of headlines from 1962.

1962 Harvey Comics Calendar
1962 Harvey Comics Calendar

World news:

  • Cuban Missile Crisis, Russian nuclear missiles discovered in Cuba – October 22-24
  • India and China end 33 days of warfare on their border – November 22

National news:

  • Supreme Court rules against requiring prayers in public schools – June 25
  • Former Vice President Richard Nixon loses California Governorship campaign – November 6

Sports news:

  • Rodger Ward wins Indianapolis 500 with a record average time of 140.292 mph – May 30
  • New York Yankees win World Series from San Francisco Giants, ending baseball’s longest season – October 16

Disaster news:

  • Mt. Huascaran Avalanche kills 3000 in Peru – January 10
  • Columbus Day Storm (Typhoon Freda) hits Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia coasts, causing 46 deaths – October 12

Special Events news:

  • The Seattle World’s Fair had almost 10 million attendees and left Seattle Washington with the enduring icons of the Space Needle and Monorail – May-October
  • Homestead National Monument near Beatrice, Nebraska opens its new visitor center to cap the celebration of 100 years since the signing of the Homestead Act – May 20

Space news:

Industrial news:

  • United States steel companies raise prices but rescind increases under Presidential pressure – April 10-14
  • The electronics industry jumped to 5th place in product value of United States industries, even though most of products were sold to the US government: little consumer electronics at this point.

Science news:

  • Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the structure DNA
  • Lasers had been designed by IBM and Sylvania to modulate their energy, opening up the possibility of communications by light, as in fiber optics

Financial news:

  • Canada devalues its dollar to 92.5 US cents – May 2
  • US stock market experiences biggest one-day drop since 1929 – May 28

Entertainment news:

  • United States movie production hit a new low of only 138 films, with about half shot outside the country
  • AM radio’s format of news and music did not support the high number of stations, with 1/3 reporting no profits. As a result, the FCC froze permits to construct new stations

Transportation news:

  • Mont Blanc Tunnel, world’s longest tunnel, boring completed under the French Alps – August 14
  • Second deck opens on New York City’s George Washington Bridge, creating world’s only 14-lane bridge – August 29

Man of The Year

Pope John XXIII on Time Magazine, 1962
Pope John XXIII on Time Magazine, 1962

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1962 was Pope John XXIII. The Pope convened an Ecumenical Council in October, after several years of preparation. It was the first since 1870 and one of only twenty-one during the entire history of the Catholic Church. Pope John XXIII has since been made a saint by the church.

Happy Birthday 1962!

party glass set, circa 1960
party glass set, circa 1960

As one year ends, it’s time to celebrate the New Year…1962! Yes, 1962 starts all over again here at Roadtrip-’62 ™ ! We’ve got food, music, party decorations and lots more at our permanent New Year’s Party! Come join the fun!

Start the New Year with a Roadtrip!

US-23 highway sign from 1961
US-23 highway sign from 1961

The New Year is a good time to start a roadtrip. Why not join me at the Introduction to our roadtrip down highway US-23? We’ll be traveling through 1962 from Mackinaw City, Michigan to Jacksonville, Florida.

US-6 highway sign from 1961
US-6 highway sign from 1961

Or, if you’d like a longer roadtrip, join me at the Introduction to our roadtrip down highway US-6. It’s over 3500 miles from Atlantic Ocean in Provincetown, Massachusetts to the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, California.

Events Calendar: happening for over 50 years!

Rose Parade float and NBC camera, Pasadena, California, 1962
Rose Parade float and NBC camera, Pasadena, California, 1962 (photo for sale by nicepictures at eBay)

101st Rose Bowl Game, Pasadena, California -

- January 1, 2015. Since our US-6 trip ends nearby in California, let’s see the Rose Bowl Game for the New Year! In the 1962 Rose Bowl Game, the Minnesota Golden Gophers defeated the UCLA Bruins, 21–3. The 2015 game features Oregon versus Florida State.

Video of the Week

Speaking of the World’s Fair in Seattle, you can watch some of the advertising. Almost makes you want to go back in time to see it!

So I did and you can read about what I found at my 1962 Seattle World's Fair – Century 21 Exposition page.


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More Fun Stuff:

What's the weather in 1962?

Weather on January 1, 1962 for Pasadena, CA, from the National Climatic Data Center:

  • Low = 55°F
  • High = 75°F
  • Precipitation = no data
  • Mean Wind Speed = 4mph

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