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Week of May 19, 1962

This Week In 1962

police officers
police officers (public domain photo from MorgueFile)

National Police Week was first celebrated May 15, 1962. That year, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation that so designated the week, and that day as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, " recognition of the service given by the men and women who, night and day, protect us through enforcement of our laws." Grand Junction, Colorado, on US-6, was one of hundreds of cities that held memorial vigils and other events. Did your local city celebrate?

A Classic Road Trip in Classic Cars

1962 Plymouth ad
1962 Plymouth ad from magazine

My Roadtrip-’62 ™ journeys are virtual journeys, happening only on your computer. But a bunch of guys from the Wichita, Kansas area are off on the real thing. Taking their classic cars down classic roads. A fun read about what should be a fun ride.

1962 In Sports

non-wing supermodified racing
non-wing supermodified racing (photo from Michael Joseph Johnson, Pinners Bar & Grille, used by permission)

OK, I have to admit that I’ve never heard of non-wing supermodified racing…until now. It turns out that this somewhat obscure auto racing format has roots back to 1962. The home and heart of the sport appears to be at Oswego Speedway, Oswego, New York. The 1962 winner was Art Bennett, who would go on to win Oswego’s track championship that season. Art repeated a season opening win in 1965.

1962 Comic Buy of the Week

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Lonestar Comics

scan from Grand Comics Database

The Amazing Spider-Man first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Amazing Fantasy #15, dated August 1962. The numbering for the book continued from a science-fiction comic, Amazing Adult Fantasy. This was a trial, expanding the format to include a science-based superhero. As with comics published about the same time at rival DC Comics, the trial was successful and Spider-Man received his own title the next year with The Amazing Spider-Man #1. A copy is up for sale this week in Dallas with an opening bid of $60,000! My advice: buy a different comic this week.

About Roadtrip-'62 ™

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If you're new here, discover what Roadtrip-'62 ™ is all about and why it's always 1962 here.

US-6 Featured Trip Segment

Kirtland Temple, Kirtland, Ohio
Kirtland Temple, Kirtland, Ohio

Brand new post up! We're on the 11th day of our cross-country trip on US-6. Today we enter Ohio, hike some sandstone ridges, stop at a temple, and more. Come ride with me!

Guest Blog of the Week

US-6 sign, ca. 1961
US-6 sign, ca. 1961

Reader Edward Green, who writes for The Truckers Report, has a nice little list of some of the major historic US-numbered highways, with links to yet more information. Edward is a second generation trucker, familiar with many of these roads. He wanted to share his research with all of you; I hope you enjoy it.

US-23 Featured Trip Segment

Stuckeys sign
Stuckeys sign (public domain photo, by Bravo Six Niner Delta, from Flickr)

I was thinking of old-fashioned candy and my mind wandered to Stuckey’s. They’re almost gone today but were a chain of candy stores that also sold gasoline, snacks, and lots of souvenirs in the early 1960s. I think I first stopped at a Stuckey’s in Taccoa or Tallulah Falls, Georgia. It was back in the mid-1970s just before the near-demise of the chain.

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Museum of the Week

Harness Racing Museum, Goshen, New York
Harness Racing Museum, Goshen, New York (photo from the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, used by permission)

If your racing interests are a bit slower than the supermodified cars, you might want to stop in to the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. It’s located on US-6 in Goshen, New York. Goshen is the historic home to the American-born sport of harness racing, and also has the oldest track in the world, dating from 1838.

Speaking of Historic Highways

Interstate highway sign ca. 1961
Interstate highway sign of type used in 1962

Edward’s piece mentioned above reminded me that I also have a discussion of the US-numbered highways. See how US-6 and US-23 fit into the system that includes the more famous roads like The Lincoln Highway and Route 66, and even the Interstate system.


Video of the Week

Watch businessman Warren Buffett’s first television interview, filmed KMTV of Omaha, Nebraska in early June of 1962. It was discovered in the Nebraska State Historical Society archives in March of 2013. According to an independent analysis by retired videographers and producers, the clip likely never aired on local television.


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What's the weather in 1962?

Weather on May 19, 1962 for Tallulah Falls, GA, from the National Climatic Data Center:

  • Low = 68°F
  • High = 95°F
  • Precipitation = none
  • Mean Wind Speed = 6mph

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