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Week of May 5, 1962

This Week In 1962

Fun To Barbecue book
Cover of “It’s Fun To Barbecue” (from Mike Middleton, used by permission.)

OK, not this week, but this month. May is National Barbecue Month, so celebrate by eating some barbecue from a restaurant that’s been in business since 1962. Here’s a few to choose from:

  • Lexington Barbecue, Lexington, NC - Opened in 1962, this is a no frills, where-the-locals-eat kind of place.
  • Wilhite’s, Creedmoor, TX – Opened in 1962 by the father of the current owner, Robert Wilhite. It’s a small town place, and Robert is also the mayor of Creedmoor.
  • Wilber’s, Goldsboro, NC - Opened in 1962 with 11 employees, and is still run by Wilberdean Shirley who is now 82.
  • Archibald's Bar-B-Q, Northport, AL – Opened in 1962, this is another tiny place. It’s housed in a cinderblock shed off the main road and fits maybe six customers.
  • People’s Bar-B-Que, Miami, FL - Opened in 1962 and now in a pleasant pink building. It’s been described as finger-licking good, just like a certain chicken you’re familiar with.
  • And last, and certainly the strangest, Old School BBQ & Grill is built into a 1962 International Harvester yellow school bus in Austin, Texas!

Watch A 1962 Movie This Week

Gay Purr-ee movie poster
(Image from, where you can Buy Gay Purr-ee.)

Gay-Purr-ee, a 1962 movie by animation legend Chuck Jones (think Road Runner…meep, meep!) will be shown Wednesday, May, 8th at 11:15am on the Turner Classic Movies network. The movie features the voice talent of Judy Garland in her first and only animated-film role. The plot is set in 1895 Paris, France. A highlight of the file the scene where the villain of the piece commissions a series of paintings of Mewsette, the cat heroine, by such famous period artists as Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Georges Seurat, Henri Rousseau, Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso!


1962 In Sports

Kentucky Derby Logo
Pause for Living, autumn 1962 issue (from online auction)

With the Kentucky Derby just finished (the horse Orb won Saturday, ridden by jockey Joel Rosario), I thought I’d peek at the event of 51 years ago. The 88th Kentucky Derby was held on May 5th, 1962. Jockey Bill Hartack, riding Decidedly, won in 2:00.4 minutes. This was a new record time and was Hartack’s 3rd Derby win. The horse was the son of the 1954 Derby winner, Determine.

1962 Comic Buy of the Week

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Beetle Bailey #38

Beetle Bailey #38 (scan from Grand Comics Database)

It’s not a barbecue, but it’s as close as I could find. Beetle sure looks like he’s enjoying those marshmallows, and I’m sure many have been roasted and burnt over a barbecue grill over the years. Cartoonist Mort Walker created the newspaper strip in 1950 and it also enjoyed a run in comic books. This issue is the last one from a series published by Dell that began in 1956. The original newspaper strip is still running today, with new cartoons by Mort’s son Greg.

Roadtrip-'62 merchandise

US-6 Featured Trip Segment

Loveland Pass, Colorado
Loveland Pass, Colorado (photo source unknown)

Actually, Roadtrip-’62 ™ hasn’t made it this far west yet, and maybe that’s a good thing. Five snowboarders were killed in an avalanche near Loveland Pass, Colorado on April 21, 2013. While searching for the bodies, authorities closed part of US-6. The pass is over the summit of the Rocky Mountains, crossing the continental divide between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We won’t get there until late this year, but hopefully before next winter’s snows build up to avalanche danger levels again. Coincidentally, this was Colorado's deadliest avalanche since 1962 when seven people were killed at a different location near Independence Pass.


Guest Blog of the Week

1960s barbecue tray
1960s barbecue tray (photo from an online auction)

As I mentioned, May is National Barbecue Month and there loads of ways to celebrate as if it’s 1962! Kristen Hansen of the Milwaukee Journal has some ideas on what to wear, what to eat, and maybe even how to decorate with the then-popular tiki theme. The popular way to grill back then was on a charcoal-fired brick grill, not today’s gas-fired portable model.

US-23 Featured Trip Segment

3 Pigs Barbecue sign, Asheville, North Carolina
3 Pigs Barbecue sign, Asheville, North Carolina (photo from Little Pigs)

I didn’t mention any barbecue along US-23, though I should have. My memory and notes both being somewhat a mess, I can only say that I think I had a pulled pork sandwich at Little Pigs in Asheville, North Carolina. I know I ate one at some restaurant in Asheville! Anyway, it was a good but not great sandwich, in a place designed much like any other fast-food restaurant. If it was Little Pigs, we couldn’t have eaten there in 1962, because they didn’t open until the next year. But everybody's got their own opinion on what’s the best, so I suggest you try several different places.

Museum of the Week

Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Massachusetts
Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, Massachusetts

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts, was established in 1914. Besides the interior exhibits, the Museum includes landscaped sculpture gardens. And they also offer chamber music, jazz, dance and spoken word performances. Even if you don’t have time to see some of the local galleries, this museum alone will give you a good sense of the art scene here.

Yet Another Barbecue Joint

Johnny Harris, Savannah, GA is a barbecue place that opened in 1924. It was featured in a review of several old restaurants posted on Roadtrip-’62 ™ last year. You can buy their barbecue sauce online today.

About Roadtrip-'62 ™

Roadtrip-62 logo
If you're new here, discover what Roadtrip-'62 ™ is all about and why it's always 1962 here.

Video of the Week

Keeping with the barbecue theme, enjoy a Tom & Jerry Cartoon from 1962! “High Steaks” was one of a group made after MGM had closed its animation division in 1957. They outsourced this group of cartoons to a low budget studio in Czechoslovakia, and it shows. This has none of the quality, pacing, or cute chubby characters found in the older cartoons. Soon, these cartoons would not be produced for theatrical release at all, and we would all be watching them on TV.


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What's the weather in 1962?

Weather on May 5, 1962 for Mountain Home, ID, from the National Climatic Data Center:

  • Low = 45°F
  • High = 73°F
  • Precipitation = none
  • Mean Wind Speed = 6mph

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