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Week of April 17, 1962

This Week In 1962

Supreme Court Justice Byron White
Supreme Court Justice Byron White (public domain photo from US government)

On April 16, 1962, Justice Byron White was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Justice White had previously been a law clerk to Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Vinson. Justice White was appointed to the court by President John F. Kennedy and retired in 1993. He became the twelfth longest-serving Supreme Court justice.

US-23 Slideshow

US-23 route sign
US-23 route sign, ca. 1961

I discovered an awesome slideshow of photos along US-23. The author, Bob Mortell, includes several slides from every state along the way. And, to make it even more fun for us, he starts at the north end in Mackinaw City, MI, just like our Roadtrip-'62 ™ trip! Enjoy the trip all over again.

1962 In Sports

1962 NY Mets Logo
logo from Mets scorecard

The New York Mets opened their season on April 11, 1962, as one of two new major league teams that year. They lost that game and 119 more that year, and still hold the record for the most games lost in a regular season. Find the name of the other expansion team at Major League Baseball History.

1962 Comic Buy of the Week

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Lonestar Comics

scan from Grand Comics Database

Sunset Strip #1, dated November, 1962. This was one of the last 2 issues produced, as the TV series was near the end of its run. It was still popular enough that the comic was reprinted in Australia the next year.

US-6 Featured Trip Segment

Paramount Center for the Arts, Peekskill, NY
Photo by Rick Ibsen at Flickr, used by permission.

In 1962, the landmark Paramount Theater was still showing movies. We had a chance to see it and learn more about the chain of these beautiful theaters as US-6 passed through Peekskill, NY.

Space News of 1962

fireball over Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 2013
Fireball over Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 2013 (by Aleksandr Ivanov at Wikimedia Commons, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)

On April 18, 1962, a “fireball” exploded ten miles south of the town of Eureka, Utah at 8:15pm local time. Such explosions are characterized as being brighter than a meteor explosion. This burst of light was visible across the western United States, as far east as Gridley, Kansas. The meteoroid was reported some minutes earlier near Oneida, New York. Eureka's streetlights were off briefly because the photo-sensors reacted to the daylight-like brightness. As often happens, a tall tale developed in the years since, with retellings of the story calling sightings an “unidentified flying object.”

Guest Blog of the Week

Pink Motel, Cherokee, North Carolina
Pink Motel, Cherokee, North Carolina

If you've ever wondered where dead neon signs go, wonder no more. Gunnar and Sherry of Eccentric Roadside have found many of these beauties are rusting away at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.


US-23 Featured Trip Segment

Carnation Restaurant, Cheboygan, Michigan
Carnation Restaurant, Cheboygan, Michigan

Pieces of the past keep disappearing along US-23. In November, 2011, the Carnation Restaurant in Cheboygan, Michigan was destroyed in a fire. It was still open back when I started on Roadtrip-'62 ™ , and appeared in my post of the first day of that trip.

Roadtrip-'62 merchandise  

Stamps of 1962

4 cent Lincoln stamp
4 cent Lincoln stamp

I was a stamp collector back in 1962. I got my start on a school field trip to our local post office, where I bought some stamps. Learn more about the stamps of 1962, including every stamp issued by the United States!


Museum of the Week

Main Street, Sylvania, Ohio
Main Street, Sylvania, Ohio (photo from Sylvania Area Historical Society, used by permission)

The Sylvania Area Historical Society was very helpful in getting Roadtrip-62 off to a good start. They have also posted an online exhibit of news, advertisements, and photos from 1962 that you should check out.


About Roadtrip-'62 ™

Roadtrip-62 logo
If you're new here, discover what Roadtrip-'62 ™ is all about and why it's always 1962 here.

Video of the Week

Enjoy a 1962 television commercial for Star Kist Tuna. Not a word about mercury poisoning.


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More Fun Stuff:

What's the weather in 1962?

Weather on April 17, 1962 for Mackinaw City, MI, from the National Climatic Data Center:

  • Low = 25°F
  • High = 53°F
  • Precipitation = no data
  • Mean Wind Speed = 7mph

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